Wednesday, September 5, 2007




Keep it real or keep it righteous

Sell your pride to the highest bidder

Auction your soul, for diamonds and gold

A modern day mintrel show for house niggas

Your characters now a caricature, of what you used to stand for

Now cash and ass is all you shake and chase, fiend out like a pimps crack whore

BALLIN for the limelight, but do you have your mind right?

Wanna make it rain on these hoes, but who's really gettin pimped by the industry bro?

Masa say shake that ass, and you say how fast?

Hoping that the pain from your shame, won't outlast the cash

Think the diamonds on your neck will cover the lack of self respect

Pimp that ride, along with your pride, disgracing your race for a seven figure check

Now see I don't knock jewlery, cause even I got my little chain

But the real jewel that I respect, is the one thats on top of your neck

Brighter than any diamond hanging low off the chain of your favorite MC

And the only conflict about this jewel is when I use this tool to set the lost souls free

See what good is wealth if your mental health, is now drowning in misery and shame

From your decisions that enslaved you to addictions to sin to disgusting to mention by name

Now your soul is entrapped in a prison, with inflictions the world couldn't cure

And just think after all of your grief you still have the mark of the beast and Hell to endure

But imagine where our nation would be, if we were free from being a slave

From our sinful desires, engulfed in Hell's fire, everlasting from death beyond the grave

If we treasured knowledge before money, and valued love before lust

Then we can truly be the land of the free and add redemption to the phrase "In God we Trust"

Home of the Brave, so bold in your shame, but we actually all take the blame

Of creating this Godless reality, with a money over righteous mentality

So what's sacred is sacrificed as a casualty

But you don't give a damn to take a stand, and that's a tragedy!

By Wisdom Supreme 2007

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