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What's good everyone, it's ya boy Supreme back with another important 411 report on the deceased music & culture that was Hip-Hop! I recently had an internet argument on YouTube with some guy who said some pretty wild and disrespectful comments (in response to my video clip showing live footage of Rakim Allah performing Follow the Leader at BB Kings Bar & Grill in NYC), about Rakim, Biggie, East Coast MC's and NY Hip-Hop in general!
Needless to say I proceeded to school the poor starving for knowledge individual, but to no avail! He responded with an even more outlandish and foolish rant. So of course at this point it was nail in the coffin time, and I had to murda the sucka verbally for trying to disrespect Supreme, Rakim and the artform and culture I love! I took the liberty of copying and pasting the "colorful discussion" we had on YouTube for your viewing, so you can witness for yourself if you think I repsonded appropriately. Bare in mind, because of the low intelligence of the person I was dealing with some language was used during this convo, that I normally wouldn't choose to engage with. But like the gifted Lauryn Hill once said about her rhymes & lines "I ADD A MOTHERFUCKER, SO YOU IGNORANT NIGGAS HEAR ME!" So on that note, here was the convo: I've renamed the guy of course to spare him any further humiliation!
Suker MC

fuk this fiool rakim, he aint shit , faggot ass east coast bitches, fuk ny and the east coast, you know nothin bout hip hop, you wak ass r & b bitches, damn this shit hurts my ears, fake fuks!!!!! quit tryin to act like g;s you all aint shit!!!! tupac forever, sincerely a WEST COAST G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wisdom Supreme

Now I have nothing against any West Coast peeps who rep real Hip-Hop, and I actually am a fan of 2 Pac even. However to disrespect not only the East Coast, but Rakim (the lyrical God and father to half the MC's worth a damn in the industry right now), and most importantly New York (the mecca and birthplace of Hip-Hop music, art & culture), shows me you are one of little intelligence and understanding of what true Hip-Hop is all about! If you want a sensible debate, discussion or conversation about top MC's, hottest D.J.'s or most relevant groups or most impactful Hip-Hop album's that's fine, but save all the ignorant narrow minded fake gangsta shit for someone else's page, cause only REAL HIP-HOP IS ALLOWED ON SUPREME ENTERTAINMENT! Class is dismissed!

Sucker MC

bitch please, i dont give a fuk about the pussy ass east coast and never will, when has the east coast ever shown any love for tha west?, fo that fuk u, the east coast, new york and your bitch rakim and biggie too. you know what happened to yur bitch ass piggie tha last time he came out to tha west coast, the east aint shit. what the fuk, lyrical god? rakim? motha fuka please, rakim couldnt even spell lyrical and he sure as fuk aint no god. wanna hear some real lyrics? go pick up some tupac. wanna hear some shit that is wak and hurts a motha fukas ears, keep listenin to rakim and bitch boys entertainment, you wak ass peice of shit east coast wanna b g, yall aint shit. WEST COAST 4 LIFE, FUK U AND STAY OFF MY CHANNEL BIIIIIATCHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wisdom Supreme

First of all even 2 Pac realized the importance of paying homage and respect to an MC of Rakim's caliber! Who did he quote on Got My Mind Made Up (feat. Redman & Method Man by the way, 2 more elite East Coast MC's) with the line "bare witness to the dopest fuckin rhyme I wrote, takin off my coat, clearin my throat? Part of that was from Eric B & Rakim's Eric B Is President's line takin off my coat clearin my throat, my rhyme will be diggin in till I hit my last note! And if you check the credits on even Pac's first album (2Pacalypse Now) you will see all the East Coast heads he gives props too for paving the way for him, from Boogie Down Productions to Public Enenmy! And before you mention about how East Coast heads turned their back on him after he got shot, bare in mind even Pac himself said in interviews he wasn't beefin with the whole East Coast (or even all of NY) just Biggie and whoever was down with Bad Boy at the time. (But hell even Pac's boy Snoop another one of your West Caost G's was cool with Biggie). Meanwhile Pac was still best friends with Treach from Naughty By Nature (cats from East Coast in New Jersey), and he even did an album (One Nation) with the Boot Camp Click (straight from Biggie's borough of Brooklyn)! And for the record, your West Coast Don Pac was actually born in the Bronx (birthplace of Hip-Hop) and was raised in Baltimore for most of his childhood before going to L.A.! So your West Coast rider has more East Coast influences then you will ever know!So the hell with Coast bashing man, that shit is so 90's homie! And before you go telling me to get off your channel, remember that you started this bullshit with leaving ignorant ass comments on my video's, on my page, disrespecting the artist, music, culture and region where I come from. But I don't blame all of the West Coast, Cali, San Fran, or wherever the hell you're from, I strictly blame you! For being the narrow minded, short sided, raging with misguided anger, intellectually challenged, misinformed, miseducated, ill advised degenrate that you are, whose ignorance I detest like a sickness! Don't bother writing back cause I will be blocking you from this point forward. It's just a waste of time and energy trying to battle wits with someone so ill equipped. Your arms are too short to box with GOD, play your position and don't ever get outta line ya blasphemous bystard! NOW GET THE FUCK OFF MY PAGE, INBOX AND OUT MY PROFILE AND GET A FUCKING LIFE, LOSER!

Now, do you think that was the least bit out of line on my part, or right on time and exact? In anycase the bottom line is that it's narrow minded nonsense like this that killed the artform and culture formely known as Hip-Hop to begin with! I mean if you are not feeling a certain artist or even region of music, or have your preferences that's fine! But don't disrespect or disregard the contributions of other important (and in the case of Rakim legendary) artist who helped bring the art and music to another level!
It was just nothing more than pure unadulterated ignorance, the kind that NIGGAS today have used and spewed to kill an artform that was once destined for greatness! Long gone are the days of Black Power, social awareness, power to the people, spiritual guidance, cultural uplifting songs and albums and now we've entered an era of mindless backstabbing, breast grabbing, ass shaking, diamonds on my neck money makin, shuckin & jivin, misogynistic minstrel show! And every community is laughing at us (like the white staff member did on the set of the 3rd season of The Chappelle Show, when Dave realized he went too far with the racial pixie skecth), and ain't a damn thing funny! We need to wake up people, there is no glory, props or gain (be it financial, material, or any other) that's worth the collective integrity of our culture and edutainment value in our music!
I'm not saying that Hip-Hop should be serious, dry, stale and complaining about issues all the time, because the music started out as a fun way to escape the maddness and gang drug violence polluting the streets of the Bronx and throughout NY when it started in the late 70's! Peace, Love, Unity, Having Fun (as KRS-1 quoted in the Classic joint released earlier this year), are the foundation principles that Hip-Hop was built on! But having fun doesn't mean you have to be reckless or irresponsible! You don't have to be preacher or saint either (inorder to drop a little knowledge), just act like you got some sense and care about something other than the next pair of grills you got in your mouth or rims on your car! And somebody please for the life of me put to death once and for all this fantasy drug king pin rappers have about trying to be Tony Montana in tehir videos, it's over already, we know you're a fake ass wanna be! Besides I think even the T.I. "Rubber band man" Harris put it best in his movie ATL when he said, you ain't gotta be a D-boy inorder to have money! Think about it homie!
Ya'll be cool and forgive me if I offended anyone. But I'm not just a fan or lover of Hip-Hop, I'm also an artist! So I'm sensitive about my shit, lol! Thanks for listening!


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